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What is the Weavers Project?

The Weavers Project creates high quality, uniquely designed accessories from 100% cotton, handcrafted by local artisans. Our artisans come from Cambodian families making positive changes in their community. Weavers provides training and leadership development for its artisans, preserving the art of Cambodian craft and sharing each story of change.

Artisans at work.

The Weavers Project is a fair fashion platform and weaving cooperative based in Takeo, Cambodia. Our scarves are designed by globally renowned artists and woven by local artisans using traditional weaving methods, in our Weaving Village.

Created in September 2013 as a collaboration between Siphen Meas and, a social business with a goal of empowering local entrepreneurs in rural Cambodia, the Weavers Project is a fair trade initiative that offers skills training and support for each of the artisans so they can earn a steady wage and provide for themselves and their families.

 Our mission.

We aim to empower women in rural Cambodia to gain control over their financial wellbeing, to provide for their families and to gain important skills, through the creation and sale of ethical, transparent fashion.

Where does the money go. Unlike many other development projects, we are independent of grants and charitable donations. We create social enterprises (with impact investments) which create high quality products that are marketed to ethical customers around the world.  100% of our profits are reinvested into educations of the children, health and wellbeing, capacity building and impact growth. 


How it works.

The team at Sonas identifies aspiring women entrepreneurs on the ground in Cambodia who wish to learn the art of traditional weaving and build a brighter future for their families. Our artisans often come from extreme poverty and have the aspiration and determination to become financially independent. We provide:


  • Skills training
  • Design and market reach
  • Education and leadership development programs
  • A steady income

We work with a team of international designers to create a vision for our artisans, who use traditional weaving looms to bring their designs to life.

Where we weave.

The Weaving Village sits on the edge of Takeo, Cambodia. Known as the “Kingdom of Wonder”, Cambodia borders Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in Southeast Asia. Following the painful events of the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s, the region has faced a multitude of social issues, from unemployment to sex trafficking.


As a result of decades of unrest, weaving has become a dying art. Weavers were forced to pursue other endeavors, and traditional techniques are therefore not often shared with younger generations. The Weavers Project aims to revive this cultural heritage and preserve the art of traditional weaving while tackling the poverty and social issues that remain in the region.