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Our Partners

  • Stella Lemper-Tabatsky -  Stella is our first US Student Brand Ambassador (SBA) from the University Of Pennysalvania  Our SBA's are key member of our tribe who believe in grassroots change and people empowerment through micro social businesses. We believe that we can change someone's world and ours by believing in each other.  


  • Sonas World Ltd - Sonas is a social business focused on providing business support and education to small entrepreneurs, particularly women, in rural Cambodia through financial inclusion. The Sonas group created the Cambodian Weaving Village in 2013 and continues to provide funding to offer vocational training, employment opportunities, education programs and leadership development.


  • Tonlé – Tonlé is a conscious fashion company based in Cambodia that offers comfortable, wearable clothes that adhere to principles of transparency, fairness and waste reduction. The brand collaborates on designs and fair trade practices with The Weavers Project.


  • Carol Cassidy - Carol is a weaver and textile designer who runs weaving organization Weaves of Cambodia, an outgrowth of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF). Today, it employs over 40 farmers, spinners, dyers, weavers and finishers, most of whom are disabled.


  • Dorothée Etienne - Dorothée is a design consultant from Paris who has experience working with Louis Vuitton, Decathlon and the Artisans Association of Cambodia.


  • Lucille Giralté - Lucille is a professional photographer from France who currently lives in Phnom Penh. Lucille spent some time with the weavers at their workshop and local village, photographing our artisans and products at work


  • Alan Flux - Alan studied Haute Couture at London College of Art under the renowned Daphne Brooker. He has since worked in Africa, India, the Philippines and with VSO in Bangladesh, Mongolia and Cambodia. Now he runs A.N.D., a Cambodian fair trade brand, working with local artisans to blend design development with traditional skills. Facebook


  • Stacy Zanca – The current Weavers Project branding and design was created by Stacy Zanca, an Art Director/Graphic Designer in New York City.


  • Danya Greenfield- Danya Greenfield is friend who has been helping us capture the energy through her photographs. She visited our projects in Cambodia and stayed in the communities for few weeks to immerse herself into the world of our Weavers.