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I am Nev, i am married with four children. I specialise in  'open weave' scarves, which are lighter than regular scarves. I am very happy that i can walk to work every day and my flexible working hours allow me to take care of my young family. i use my income from weaving to support the everyday living of my family and to support my children's education.

Before the weaving, i stayed home and only worked during the rice planting and harvesting season for 2 months. I have no education, so i always felt that i did not have much choice. My husband tried to find work as labourer, however there is not much he could find in the villages. So he had to go to the city. 

Since the weaving, i have been earning regular income which i never though will be possible. I now believe i can build better future for my family. My husband has started to treat me with respect and he tries to help me with the household work, this makes me happy!